9 Warning Signs You Are Not In Love With Your Partner Anymore

“I care about you, I like you but I don’t love you anymore,” this sounds disheartening. It can break anyone to the core. Imagine your partner saying this to you. Forget you two, anyone else who loves watching you and your partner together would feel bad about it. It is not where a relationship should head.

I know the situation, it is like you care for the person, they didn’t do anything wrong but you have just fallen out of love. You might have many excuses for this that there are various reasons including anger, depression, anxiety and what not. But you are actually feeding a relationship where you don’t feel anything about your partner. It is heading in the doghouse and there is absolutely no harm in accepting it.

Here are some of the signs that show you are no longer ‘into’ your dream relationship:

1. You say white lies and it is evident.

If your partner suggests something and you simply disapprove it, you think of an excuse,, especially if in past you would have loved doing what he is suggesting. It is time for you to think through where this is actually heading. It is also a sign that you simply feel more comfortable and relaxed without him.

2. No longing or fondness is left.

If in past, you missed your partner a lot and you would simply text them a lot, or call them a lot. You would show how affectionate you are, how bad you feel about them and now you have stopped doing all of that you have simply made it all a necessity rather than happiness or pleasure.

3. You tend to feel that your partner is embarrassing.

You don’t feel the need to introduce your partner to anyone. Everyone makes mistakes but it gets impossible for you to stand your partner. Some time ago their habits were funny, cute and now they would be embarrassing and irritating. You rarely feel like inviting them and that is how you gradually remove them from your life.

4. The memories that once made you smile no longer matter.

You people must have been to holidays, events and concerts or even any normal cafe where you might have created some wonderful memories. Now, these things make you cringe and they force you to wonder what a stupid person you were back then. You don’t feel like investing in all that often; you try to distance yourself from it and that is when it starts getting bitter and depressing.

5. Either you are indifferent towards things or most of the times you are sad.

If you truly love a person, their company will make you feel happy or at least you would feel that you are in a better position. You would think about your mutual dreams or at least plan something with them. But if that doesn’t happen and you are sad or indifferent towards things you are probably out of the relationship already.
If they share a great accomplishment and you feel like there’s nothing great about it, you are actually not interested in them or their life.

6. You don’t feel anything when you see them with someone else.

If you are cold when you see them with someone else, it speaks a lot about your inclination towards them. Most people shake with fury when they look at their beloved other half getting inclined towards someone else from the different sex, but if it makes you sigh with the relief, you should probably end it because you have no feelings for them.

7. Where is the intimacy? When was the last time you hugged or kissed them?

When your partner wants to make love but all you think about is the excuses to avoid it, you have lost that spark. If they say they want to have sex and you have a list of excuses ranging from periods, to work, to a headache and what not already prepared.

8. You tend to start arguments even when it is not important.

You start to argue even when it is not important. You quarrel about petty issues and it actually makes no sense. You meet different people instead of handling the problems in your relationship. But that is where you are going wrong. You need to keep things black and white and not somewhere in between. You need to tell your partner, discuss things that bother you and finish it.

9. You get attracted towards someone else and are looking for ‘options’.

You might still be together and feel lonely. This loneliness triggers the ‘hunt for the better one’. That is the end of the beautiful relationship that you have. You may not physically betray your partner but you are cheating on them when you show interest towards someone else.

I hope these signs helped you in deciding where your ‘dream relationship’ is heading.