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They are the foundation of waste men you should avoid no matter what. Try your best not to get turned on as much as possible. But just in case you’re still trapped in the mess, here are sure fire signs : He doesn’t believe in labels keeping you in the gray phase is already one major sign. He doesn’t want you to know where you stand so he has no responsibility after leaving you and it’s easy to say “What are we, then?” He looks so gawwwwd in your own eyes He wants the whole universe to adore him so he constantly flexes his biceps for his #gymfies and #fitnessgains (and left you drooling for him right after) and he only talks about no one but himself. But there would be times when he talks about other men as well being a dick, this is to distract you away from his douchey attitude. So for your blind eyes, he could be the best man you ever think of and that you fall into his pit of dreaming you dreamed of sleeping with him someday. Ugh Birds of the same feather, ‘fuck’ girls together Most, if not all, of them are the same jobless ass that has little or no ambition but just to f*ck every girl at night. A group of fuckboys? Run. The classic starter pack uniform His wardrobe consists of either the street style sweatpants with a cap on or perhaps you can also never go wrong with an overpriced looking outfit combo of a crisp polo with his chest out in an open button, folded skinny jeans and loafers He disrespect his mother or his sister Because duh, she’s a girl repellant? Of course she likes girls (A LOT) but she doesn’t like good girls that try to control him. He’s into girls who adore him despite the things he do. This is how he views women in his life. The slut-shaming of his exes are also evident. You see, he’s not into strong women who found out how much of a douche he is. He doesn’t bother communicating with you ICYMI f*ckboys have a specific schedule. He never calls the morning after. And when he do, he texts you back “what’s up?” suspiciously at 10pm, too early for booty call hours and too late for any plans to be considered an actual date. Netflix and Chill? Classic fuckboy line Begging for nudes The best way to feed a fckboy is to send nudes. And I wondered how come you enjoy the situation, really? No offense but not unless you are also a fckgirl, you should not fall into this pit. And whether you request for an exchange of gift or not, random occurrence of dick pics are a norm and that comes with an automatic sent-to-all-my-girls special fuckboy button. He keeps on hitting you after you rejected him or he’s with another girl He never wants to be in public with you Because who are you anyway compared to his ocean of girls? And he will eventually lose catch of trying to hit on to every girl she meets which surprise, you’re most likely one of them. Oops His tinder bio tells it all “Just having fun?” NO. I wanna run. Don’t wait to complete these red flags before you get to realize that he will never be “The One” and you’re doomed.   Like this article? Share it with your friends. Written by : Cham Tanteras 

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