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10 Things to Learn About the Attitude of Complaining

Let me introduce you to a “friend”. He has the habit of complaining – just about every stuff! Sadly, I am one of those who he complain about. And worse, I have the habit of sticking around despite his mussing.
Just this day, the “complaining episode” strikes again. It was too hard for me to deal with, but as every day goes, I found myself talking with him along with another “friend”. As he was talking, I found something interesting about this person. I realized that the hate he bears for others would actually mirror the love he has for himself.
As ironic as it seems, I found great lessons from him:

  • Do not trash talk. You never know how far these words can hurt someone.
  • Think before you speak. This may sound like a cliche but its a great thing to practice if you don’t like waking up one day and realizing that a good friend won’t talk to you anymore.
  • Learn to deal with your own insecurities. Before you start wishing that others can change their attitudes, start changing your own first.
  •  Look around and find people who cares for you.
  • Appreciate when you are on the verge of complaining.
  •  Get some self-control.
  •  Think happy thoughts. There are just so much in life to be happy about, start looking for them.
  • Write or draw when you are angry. Just do something that will destruct you from your current situation.
  • Get help. People who are ready to lend a crying shoulder are everywhere. You can even find them online. Join forums and support groups. Knowing that you can relate to others will help you find courage in the situation you are dealing with.
  •  Learn to love yourself.

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